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<nowiki>Bibbia Maciejowski; Bible de Maciejowski; Bíblia Maciejowski; Maciejowski-Bibel; Bíblia Morgan; انجیل مورگان; 摩根聖經; Bibe Maciejowski; Morgan Kutsal Kitabı; マチェヨフスキ聖書; Библия Мациевского; Křižácká bible; Maciejowskibibeln; Biblia Maciejowskiego; תנ"ך מורגן; Morganbijbel; Біблія Мацейовського; 摩根圣经; Bibia Maciejowski; Biblia de Maciejowski; Morgan Bible; إيشبوشث; 摩根圣经; Maciejowskibibelen; el yazması; medieval illuminated manuscript picture book Bible; medieval illuminated manuscript picture book Bible; biblia ilustrada medieval del Antiguo Testamento; ספר תנ"ך מאויר מימי הביניים; verlucht handschrift, Pierpont Morgan Library M. 638; Bibbia Morgan; Bibbia dei Crociati; モルガン聖書; Bible de Morgan; Maciejowski; Morgan Bible; Morgan Crusader's Bible; Bíblia dels croats; Bíblia Morgan; Bíblia de Sant Lluís; Bíblia del Sha Abbas; Kreuzfahrerbibel; Morgan-Bibel; Maciejowski Bibel; Cardinal Maciejowski Bible; Shah ‘Abbas Bible; Crusader Bible; Morgan Picture Bible; Maciejowski Bible; Morgan Crusader's Bible; Shah Abbas Bible; Biblia Morgan; Biblia Maciejowski; Biblia de San Luis (Morgan); 摩根圣经; Bible Ludvíka IX.; Morganova bible; Maciejowského bible</nowiki>
medieval illuminated manuscript picture book Bible
Medium hochladen
Ist ein(e)
OrtMorgan Library & Museum, Manhattan, New York City, New York
Sprache des Werks, Namens oder Begriffes
Datum der Gründung, Erstellung, Entstehung, Erbauung
  • etwa 1250
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Maciejowski Bible: Commissioned ca. 1250 by King Louis IX of France (Saint Louis); illuminated by a number of leading Parisian artists. Also called the Morgan Bible, The Crusader Bible and the Shah 'Abbas Bible.

The Morgan Picture Bible stood over a foot tall and contained more than 380 scenes from the Old Testament, extending from the Creation of the World to the reign of King David. Though it originally consisted exclusively of pictures with no accompanying text, three sets of captions were later added to the leaves, summarizing the contents of the images. Scribes in southern Italy added inscriptions in Latin around 1300, and inscriptions in Persian and Judeo-Persian--Persian written in the Hebrew alphabet--were added in the 1600s.

Cardinal Bernard Maciejowski, Bishop of Cracow, Poland, presented the Morgan Picture Bible to the Persian ruler of the early 1600s, Shah Abbas, centuries after it was made. The Pierpont Morgan Library in New York now owns the book, which is missing a number of folios including the Getty Museum's leaf. Who removed leaves from the book and for what reason? The answer may lie with the Shah. All of the missing leaves come from the part of the book that tells the story of Absalom's defiance of his father, King David. Scholars have suggested that Shah Abbas did not approve of that story and may have had the leaves cut out.


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