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English: Madanmohan-jiu Temple ( Bengali: মদনমোহন জীউ মন্দির ) is a famous temple in Mellock, near Samta and is locally known as Gopaler Mondir (Bengali: গোপালের মন্দির ), which literally means the temple of Gopala; the temple is a large, beautiful, terracotta ornamented, dilapidated temple of Radha and Madanmohan Jiu. It was built in 1651 AD by a wrestler known as Mukundaprasad Roychoudhury, who was a family member of the Roy Zamindars, who then ruled the village of Samta. Then, the Rupnarayan River used to flow alongside the temple. However, now the river has changed its course and moved farther away. Mukundaprasad was reputed to be very strong and muscular. In those days the road to the temple was connected to the barrage of the village by a small wooden bridge. Mukundaprasad would carry two heavy stone dumbbells in his arms and would carry it to the temple crossing the wooden bridge. Neither did he use to get tired nor did the wooden bridge ever break. One of the stones is still kept in the vicinity of the temple. Madanmohan Jiu temple is also one of the largest atchala (roof with 8 slopes) temple in Bengal. The temple is in ruins and reconstruction work was started in early 2010s. The idols of the deity are made of eight metals (ashtadhatu). But since the reconstruction started, the deities have been shifted to a nearby house. Festivals like Dol Yatra (Holi) and Janmashtami are celebrated with pomp and show.

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