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For magic circles in occult ceremonies see Category:Magic circles (occult)
English: Magic circles were invented by the Song Dynasty (960–1279) Chinese mathematician Yang Hui (c. 1238–1298). It is the arrangement of natural numbers on circles where the sum of the numbers on each circle and the sum of numbers on diameter are identical. One of his magic circles was constructed from 33 natural numbers from 1 to 33 arranged on four circles , with 9 at the center.
中文: 幻圆组合数学的一个分枝,将自然数排列在多个同心圆或多个连环圆上,使各圆周上数字之和相同,几条直径上的数字和也相同。著名的同心幻圆有南宋数学家杨辉攒九图丁易东太衍五十图

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