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  • Raul (2010-07-16). Them Crooked Vultures John Paul Jones Custom Manson Lap Steel Bass [in Dave Grohl, Guitars & Gear, Led Zeppelin]. feelnumb - useful useless info (
    "​During Them Crooked Vultures shows John Paul Jones pulls out this bad ass Lap Steel Bass Guitar when they play the song “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I“. ",
    "​The instrument is called a Manson Lapaphone. Its is an 8 string instrument (4 + 4x 1+ octave) with a Kaoss screen as an XY midi controller and there are no internal effects in the guitar. It has a Fernades Sustainer single coil pickup and 3 octave range on the fretboard. ",
    "​This one of a kind bass was custom made by Hugh Manson of Manson Guitars. Manson is one of the UK’s most well-respected electric guitar makers and has also been John Paul Jones personal technician since the mid 1990s. When asked specifically about the instrument Manson said,

    "Yes I did make this instrument and in fact all that JPJ uses on the Vultures tour. It is an 8 string Bass lap steel with a midi control screen on it which will control any thing with a “midi in”. This is similar to the guitars I make for Matt Bellamy (Muse). It also has a sustainer pickup on it and a hipshot bridge tuning system that enables 3 different open tunings by moving levers."


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