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English: The Braun map of Paris depicts the city with a bird's-eye view to the east as it appeared around 1530. The map includes the city wall of Philippe Auguste, and shows gates in the section of the wall on the Right Bank, which would be pulled down after 1530. It was first published in Cologne in 1572 as the sixth plate (unnumbered) in Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Liber primus by Georg Braun, Simon Van der Novel, and Franz Hogenberg. Braun was the cartographer, and Van der Novel and Hogenberg, the engravers. The scale is approximately 1 to 10,000. It was printed from an engraved copper plate, 34 cm high x 48.3 cm wide. The title is in Latin, beginning "Lutetia, vulgari nomine Paris..." ("Lutetia, commonly called Paris..."). Lutetia was the Roman and pre-Roman name for Paris. The topographical names are in French. The view and area covered by the map, like most maps of Paris published in the 16th century, are nearly identical to that of Sebastian Münster's map of Paris (see File:Plan de Paris vers 1550-2.jpg), which first appeared in a 1550 edition (pp. 88–89) of his Cosmographie (initially published in 1544). It has been postulated that all of these early and closely related maps were based on a large prototype created between 1523 and 1530, although there is no documentation that such a map actually existed.


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