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To do[edit]

The Wikimedia atlas of the world entries are in development. --- Edit this to do list
You can add a map or Copy a map to commons. The following Wikipedia maps should be uploaded to commons first.
The entries are in the following stadia:

Links: Place links to the Wikiatlas in various pages around wikim/pedia should be made[edit]

Check general layout[edit]

Country 2: Add history[edit]

Use the following templates as much as possible:

|short name= 
|period    = 
|text      = 
|link      = 
|flag      = 
|native    = ( )
|short name= 
|period    = 
|text      = 
|link      = 
|flag      = 
|moremaps  = 
|tag       = #
|short name= 
|period    = 
|text      = 
|link      = 
|moremaps  = 
|tag       = #

Country 2a: Check if history text has been added[edit]

History 1: Complete historical entries[edit]

Various steps[edit]

Assisting templates in Wikipedia[edit]

Assisting templates in commons[edit]

  • atlas-country: {{atlas-country}} for the main layout
  • general-maps: {{general-maps|country=}} to add section
  • link: {{link|entry}} to make a link to an en.wikipedia entry
  • left: {{left|image|text}} to make the correct layout for an image
  • leftlegend: {{leftlegend|image}}text and finishing with |} on the next line for an image description with legend template
  • history: {{history|country}} to add history section
  • old-maps: {{old-maps}} to add section
  • other-maps: {{other-maps}} to add section or {{other-maps|Title}} to add section with title to be selected
  • atlas-end: {{atlas-end}} to add the blue box

Assisting file in Wikipedia: w:User:Electionworld/Atlas

Add a map[edit]


Africa 13.PNG Africa in the thirteenth century


Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia

Ostrogothic Kingdom.png Ostrogothic Kingdom

South America

Südamerika1650.png South America in 1650, showing the Spanish, Dutch and Poruguese colonies

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

Skandinavien Wikingerzeit.JPG Scandinavia during the Viking Era

Kazakhstan; Kyrgyzia; Tajikistan; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan

Central Asia 1900.svg Central Asia in the begin of the 20th century
   Ural Oblast
   Turgaj Oblast
   Akmola Oblast
   Semipalatinsk Oblast
   Semirechenskaja Oblast
   Syrdar'inskaja Oblast
   Samarkand Oblast
   Fegrana Oblast
   Zakaspijskaja Oblast


Vijayanagara-empire-map.svg Vijayanagara Empire

United States

Fer - Le Canada, ou Nouvelle France, la Floride, la Virginie, Pensilvanie, Caroline.png The East Coast of North America in 1702
Mississippi bassin fr.png Mississippi Bassin


Zajednice općina od 1974-02-22 do 1986-12-31.PNG Map of Associations of municipalities in The Socialist Republic of Croatia from 1974 to 1986
Zajednice općina od 1987-01-01 do 1990-07-25.png Map of Associations of municipalities in The Socialist Republic of Croatia from 1987 to 1990
Prijedlog zupanijskoga ustroja od 1992-01-31.png Map of a suggestion of the organization of counties in The Republic of Croatia in 1992-01-31
Zupanije Republike Hrvatske od 1992-12-30 do 1997-02-07.png Map of counties in The Republic of Croatia from 1992-12-30 to 1997-02-07


Medjuopstinske regionalne zajednice Socijalisticke Republike Srbije.png Map of Intermunicipal regional associations in The Socialist Republic of Serbia from 1974 to 1990.

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