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  • Gibson Dusk Tiger - Body. "The Dusk Tiger is crafted from a top made of Grade-A marblewood, an elegant hardwood from Suriname in South America, with a high density and an extremely beautiful grain. The marblewood is joined together with strips of ebony, and attached to a tone-chambered mahogany back."
  • Eric Meier (2014). Marblewood. The Wood Database. "Common Name(s): Marblewood, Angelim Rajado / Scientific Name: Zygia racemosum (syn. Marmaroxylon racemosum) / Distribution: Northeastern South America / ..."
  • Guibal (2009-03-25). ANGELIM RAJADO. Ecochoice Ltd.. "Common name: ANGELIM RAJADO / Family: MIMOSACEAE / Scientific name(s): Zygia racemosa, Marm aroxylon racemosum (synonymous), Pithecellobium racemosum (synonymous) / ... / MAIN LOCAL NAMES / Countries: Local names / Brazil ANGELIM RAJADO, INGARANA, INGARANA DA TERRA FIRMA / French Guiana: BOIS SERPENT / Guyana: SNAKEWOOD / Surinam: BOSTAMARINDE, SNEKI OEDOE"

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