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English: The March Days, or March Events, refer to an inter-ethnic strife and massacres of up to 12,000[1][2] Azerbaijanis and other Muslims[3] that took place between March 30 and April 2, 1918 in the city of Baku and adjacent parts of Baku Governorate of Russian Empire (in present day Azerbaijan.[4]


  1. (April 2001). "Anatomy of Rumor: Murder Scandal, the Musavat Party and Narrative of the Russian Revolution in Baku, 1917-1920". Journal of Contemporary History 36 (2): 228. "The results of the March events were immediate and total for the Musavat. Several hundreds of its members were killed in the fighting; up to 12,000 Muslim civilians perished; thousands of others fled Baku in a mass exodus"
  2. Minahan, James B. Miniature Empires: A Historical Dictionary of the Newly Independent States, p. 22 ISBN: 0313306109. The tensions and fighting between the Azeris and the Armenians in the federation culminated in the massacre of some 12,000 Azeris in Baku by radical Armenians and Bolshevik troops in March 1918
  3. (March 1920). "New Republics in the Caucasus". The New York Times Current History 11 (2): 492.
  4. русский Michael Smith. "Azerbaijan and Russia: Society and State: Traumatic Loss and Azerbaijani National Memory"
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