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Deutsch: Marconi ist ein ehemals börsengehandelter britischer Telekommunikations-Ausrüster mit Sitz in London, der im Januar 2006 von Ericsson aufgekauft wurde, aber noch als rechtlich selbständiges Unternehmen existiert. Das Unternehmen entwickelt, produziert und verkauft Geräte für Telekommunikationsunternehmen.
English: The Marconi Company was a British telecommunications and engineering company that existed from 1897 until 2006, undergoing numerous changes, mergers and acquisitions during that time. The company was founded by the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi and was originally known as The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company. The company was a pioneer of wireless long distance communication and mass media broadcasting, eventually becoming one of the UKs most successful manufacturing companies. In 1999, its defence manufacturing division, Marconi Electronic Systems, merged with British Aerospace to form BAE Systems. In 2006, extreme financial difficulties led to the collapse of the remaining company, with the bulk of the business acquired by Ericsson.
Suomi: Marconi on Guglielmo Marconin vuonna 1897 alun perin nimellä The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company perustama radiolaitteita valmistava yritys. Vuonna 1900 yritys muutti nimekseen Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company. Lopusta yhtiöstä muodostettiin Telent.
Français : La compagnie Marconi est une entreprise britannique disparue qui fut fondée en 1897 par Guglielmo Marconi sous le nom de The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company (quelques fois également Wireless Telegraph Trading Signal Company) pour exploiter ses inventions dans le domaine de la télégraphie sans fil. Elle fut renommée Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company en 1900 et The Marconi Company en 1963. Elle fut à l'origine de nombreŭ développement dans le domaine de la radio et de la télévision, des radars, de l'aviation et de l'électronique.
Italiano: The Marconi Company Ltd. fu un'azienda britannica fondata da Guglielmo Marconi nel 1897 come The Wireless Telegraph & Signal Company (a volte citata come Wireless Telegraph Trading Signal Company). Fu rinominata Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company nel 1900 e The Marconi Company nel 1963.
Português: A telnet plc ( 1999 - 2003: "Marconi plc", 2003 - 2006: "Marconi Corporation plc") é uma empresa construtora de equipamentos para telecomunicação britânica fundada pelo físico e inventor italiano Guglielmo Marconi em 1897 como "Wireless Telegraph and Signal Company" (renomeado em 1900 para "Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company").


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