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English: The Parian Chronicle ("Marmor Parium"). One of the three parts of the stele on which the Parian Chronicle was inscribed. In 1627 two of the three parts were discovered in the Castle of Paroikia and were transported in Smyrna (Izmir) by a man called Sampson. These parts were later bought by lord Arundel and were donated to the Oxford Ashmolean Museum, in which they are still kept. In 1897 in the place called Tholos in Paroikia, in Varouchas´ land, the third part of the inscription was found and was entrusted by Andreas Varouchas to the Museum, where it is now exhibited. This inscription records in 134 lines a chronological record from the time of the mythical King of Athens Kekrops (1582 BC) until the time of the Athenian eponymous ruler Diognetos (264-263 BC). There is a possibility that the stele had been standing in Archilocheion so that it was accessible and visible by all. It is dated in 3rd century BC and was carved by a Parian sculptor. Part in Archaeological Museum of Paros contains chronicle entries for the years 356–299 BC. Archaeological Museum of Paros, A 26.