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English: Marr is a village and civil parish in the Metropolitan Borough of Doncaster in South Yorkshire, England. It has a population of 138. It was in the historical county of the West Riding and is listed in the Domesday Book (Domesday Book 307d) complied in 1086 at the command of William the Conqueror at reference 307d. During feudal times, and even beyond, the manor was the basic administrative unit of the kingdom. The lord would be granted the land by a higher magnate in return for services - and that magnate would in turn receive his land from someone higher, all the way up to the king. Some manors were owned by abbeys, which were powerful landowners. It was not uncommon for someone to have several manors, in which case he would appoint a steward to look after his affairs on each manor. Each manorial title carried certain rights and privileges and as with other manorial titles Lord of the manor, ownership could be inherited, transferred or bought and the current title of the Lordship of the Manor of Marr is held by Ewa Lucas Gardiner M.Sc., F.Coll.T..
Nederlands: Marr is een dorp (village) en civil parish in het bestuurlijke gebied Doncaster, in het Engelse graafschap South Yorkshire. De civil parish telt

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