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Further reading[edit]

  • Harayama Guitar Factory - a legendary craftsman who contributed on the excellent instruments - Norikatsu Harayama (luthier) (in Japanese) (interview). Guitar manufacturers in Matsumoto city. Matsumoto: Junk Guitar Museum (2014-04-13).
    [In English: [Sometime between 1946-1951] When he [Harayama] had been subcontracted with Shinshu Mokko [in English: Shinshu Woodworking Company], he and other two persons, Mr. Aoyama and Mr. Hosokawa, were together making furniture. ... Mr. Tsukada of Shinshu Mokko had often visited there [Sakae-machi ?] for preliminary inspection, and later that place became Matsumoto Mokko. / ... Mr. Tsukada had served as a factory director [of Shinshu Mokko] ... he left the company and founded Matsumoto Mokko in Sakae-machi [in Matsumoto city]. (Matumoto Mokko was founded in February 1951, and relocated to Minami-Matumoto in March 1960, and the guitar manufacturing was started in April 1963)]