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Mausoleums in Bremen (City) and Bremerhaven. Mausoleums are on following cemeteries (with quantity):

  • Riensberg (Bremen): 3 larger closed mausoleums (names: Schmiedell, Rutenberg, pump-station (a former mausoleum)), 1 larger open mausoleum (name: Hoepken), 2 smaller closed urn-mausoleums (Bautz/Duckwitz, Erdmann-Jesnitzer)
  • Walle (Bremen): 2 larger open mausolueums (names: Knoop and Nielsen)
  • Grohn (Bremen): 1 larger crypt with pyramidic roof (name: Freise)
  • Wulsdorf (Bremerhaven): 1 larger closed mausoleum (name: Ahlers), 1 larger crypt with pyramidic shape (name: Sprickerhoff)
  • Lehe 1 (Bremerhaven): 3 crypts with flat roof (names: Schwoon and two others)
  • Lehe 2 (Bremerhaven): 1 crypt with flat roof (name: von Glan)
  • Lehe 3 (Bremerhaven): 1 larger closed mausoleum (name: Rahusen), 1 crypt with flat roof (name: Timmermann)

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