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The Gold Star medal (медаль «Золотая Звезда») is a special insignia that identifies recipients of the title "Hero" in the Soviet Union and some of its allies, and several post-Soviet states. From 1939 to 1991 it was associated with the title "Hero of the Soviet Union". Since the demise of the Soviet Union, that title has been replaced by successor titles and insignia in some of the now-independent states, such as "Hero of Belarus", "Hero of the Russian Federation" and "Hero of Ukraine".

  • Gold Star medal of Hero of the Soviet Union (медаль «Золотая Звезда» CCCP)
  • Gold Star medal of Hero of the Russian Federation (медаль «Золотая Звезда» РФ), See:Category:Medal «Golden Star» of Russia
  • Gold Star medal of Hero of Belarus (медаль «Золотая Звезда» Беларусь), See:Category:Medal «Golden Star» of Belarus
  • Gold Star medal of Hero of Ukraine


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