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Deutsch: Medaillions sind Medaillen, metallische Schmuck- und Zierobjekte in der Art einer Münze
Español: Medallón
Euskara: Medailoi
Polski: Medalion
Русский: ru:Медальон
English: The terms "Medals" and "Medallions" are often used interchangeably, with differing opinions about the distinctions. Due to poor category definition and misunderstandings, things have become quite jumbled here. Please be patient as we re-organize these categories.

Medals can be defined as coin-like objects, but without any monetary value. They may be created as objects of religious devotion, as commemorative objects and souvenirs, or as awards. They can also be used solely for decorative purposes as pendants on jewelry.

Award medals are often issued by the military, but there are civilian and private award medals as well. They are commonly used in sporting events and in spelling bees. As an award, medals are usually suspended on a ribbon. Medals used as awards may be round, as other kinds of medals usually are, but they are very commonly found in other shapes such as stars and crosses.

In the military, the design of the ribbon is unique for each kind of medal issued. The ribbon design is also used to make ribbon bars, which are usually used as a substitute for the full medal on an officer's uniform. In the past, some users have assumed that "Medal" exclusively meant a military award, ignoring other uses of the term.

Some other users have also defined "Medallion" as a large medal, hung from a chain or ribbon, which would include pendants, military and sports awards. But there are also large wall and monument ornaments, often cast in metal, as smaller medals are, but often made out of other materials, as well. These are also known as "medallions", but they are permanently mounted, and are certainly not portable as ribbon-suspended "medallions" are.

As a result of these overlapping definitions and differing opinions, there are presently plenty of medals of all kinds and sizes to be found under both Category:Medals and Category:Medallions. Please bear with us as we try to develop new and clearly defined categories and sort the contents into them. There may be temporary sorting categories created while this process is underway, such as Category:Medallions (architecture). Please be aware these temporary categories are by no means comprehensive. There are many examples to be found in other categories as well. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


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