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This category contains

  • nearly all the files donated by Naturalis Biodiversity Center in a Wikipedian in residence project (May - November 2015) and serves administrative purposes. Nearly all the files? Images of some bird specimens are counted collectively as one, but can contain up to four separate views of the same specimen - stored in Wikimedia Commons as older versions. So the actual number of images donated is about 5000 larger than indicated.
  • some derivative works by Wikipedians reusing the original Naturalis images by cutting and retouching. (Thanks to those Wikipedians retaining this category.) The usage and pageviews on Wikipedias of these images can then be tracked by the statistic tools below.

Overview of the donation on Commons:

This category serves maintenance and statistics purposes only, subcategories for donated collections, for instance Mammals or Birds, should be categorised appropriately elsewhere in Category:Naturalis Leiden.


  • Usage of these images on Wikimedia projects, main namespace (articles) only
  • Pageviews of Wikimedia pages containing these images

Naturalis Biodiversity Center   wikidata:Q641676
Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Native name Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Coordinates 52° 09′ 53″ N, 4° 28′ 24″ E Link to OpenStreetMap Link to Google Maps Edit this at Wikidata
Established 2010
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institution QS:P195,Q641676
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Category:Media donated by Naturalis Biodiversity Center 
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Naturalis Biodiversity Center
natural history museum and research center in the Leiden, The Netherlands
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LocationLeiden, South Holland, Netherlands
Street address
  • Darwinweg 2
Located on street
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  • 1984
Date of official opening
  • 1984
Visitors per year
  • 271,000
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Map52° 09′ 53″ N, 4° 28′ 24″ E
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