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Commons deletion (policy)

Delete Article Alert.svg Use {{No license since}} by adding {{subst:nld}} to categorize files here.

See also category: Media uploaded without a license. – those should (usually are already) be tagged with {{subst:nld}} to be sorted in here, too.

  • Use CatScan3 or Petscan to find files tagged with {{no license since}} template, that have a license (which might or might not be valid).
  • Use CatScan3 or Petscanto find files uploaded in last 7 days without a license.
    • If output from CatScan2 is in "gallery" format than it can be copied to some personal sandbox page and VisualFileChange can be used to do batch changes.
  • 7 days ago eligible for deletion: 11 November 2018
  • purge this page's cache