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English: Nebhepetre Mentuhotep II (c. 2046 - 1995 BC (von Beckerath), or c. 2055 - 2004 BC (Shaw)) was a Pharaoh of the 11th dynasty, the son of Intef III of Egypt and a minor queen called Iah. His own wife was the 'king's mother' Tem. Other wives were Neferu (his sister) and five women buried in his funerary complex. His only known son was Mentuhotep III. The king changed his name several times during his reign, perhaps reflecting important political events. His throne name was Nebhepetre, and he was the first ruler of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt. The Turin Canon credits him with a reign of 51 years. More...
Français : Montouhotep II ou Mentouhotep II est un pharaon de la XIe dynastie. C'est lui qui achève la réunification du pays en menant plusieurs campagnes militaires durant les trente premières années de son règne. Pour en savoir plus...
Deutsch: Mentuhotep II. war ein altägyptischer König (Pharao) der 11. Dynastie (Mittleres Reich), der von um 2046 bis um 2010 v. Chr. regierte. Mehr...

Mentuhotep II (es); II. Montuhotep (hu); 2 መንቱሆተፕ (am); Mentuhotep II.a (eu); Ментухотеп II (ru); Mentuhotep II. (de); Mentuhotep II (en-gb); منتوهوتپ دوم (fa); 孟图霍特普二世 (zh); Mentuhotep II (ro); 孟圖霍特普二世 (zh-hk); Mentuhotep II (sv); Ментухотеп II (uk); 孟圖霍特普二世 (zh-hant); 孟图霍特普二世 (zh-cn); 멘투호테프 2세 (ko); Mentoehotep II (nl); 孟图霍特普二世 (zh-hans); Mentuhotep II. (cs); இரண்டாம் மெண்டுகொதேப் (ta); Mentuhotep II (it); Ментухатэп II (be); Montouhotep II (fr); منتوحوتب التانى (arz); Mentuhotep II. (hr); Mentuhotep II (sh); Mentuhotep II (pt); Mentuhotep II (vi); Mentuhotep I (ca); Mentuhotep 2k (yo); 孟圖霍特普二世 (zh-tw); Mentuhotep II (sr-el); Mentuhotep II (fi); Mentuhotep II (id); Mentoehotep II (af); Mentuhotep II (sr); Mentuhotep II. (sl); Mentuhotep II (tl); Mentuhotep II (pt-br); 孟图霍特普二世 (zh-sg); ฟาโรห์เมนทูโฮเตปที่ 2 (th); Mentuhotep II (pl); Mentuhotepas II (lt); II Mentuhotep (az); II. Mentuhotep (tr); მენტუჰოტეპ II (ka); מנתוחותפ השני (he); メンチュヘテプ2世 (ja); Mentuhotep II (en); منتوحوتب الثاني (ar); Μεντουχοτέπ Β΄ (el); Ментухотеп II (sr-ec) Antik Mısır'ın 11. Hanedan'ı döneminde 51 yıl hüküm süren bir firavun (tr); pharaon égyptien (fr); fornegyptisk farao (sv); egyiptomi fáraó (hu); Antieke Egiptiese farao (af); soevereine uit het oude Egypte (2100v Chr-2013v Chr) (nl); египетский фараон (ru); faraone egizio (it); altägyptischer König der 11. Dynastie (de); Egyptian pharaoh of the 11th Dynasty (en); Egyptian pharaoh of the 11th Dynasty (en-gb); ملك مصري (ar); Φαραώ της 11ης Δυναστείας (el); எகிப்தின் பாரோ மன்னர் (ta) Montuhotep II, Samtawy (it); II. Mentuhotep (hu); Mentuhotep II (hr); Mentuhotep Nebhepetre (ca); Mentuhotep II (yo); Mentouhotep II (vi); 门图荷太普二世, 奈卜哈佩特雷, 勒恩希波塔威, 門圖荷太普二世, 蒙图霍特普二世, 曼图霍特普二世, 珊克伊布托威, 门图霍特普二世 (zh); Ментухотеп II, Небхетепра Ментухотеп II (sr); メントゥホテプ2世 (ja); Montuhotep II, Mentuhotep 02 (sv); Mentuhotep II. (sh); Nebhepetra (lt); منتوحوتوب التانى (arz); Mentouhotep II (fr); II. Montuhotep (en); منتوحتب الثاني, منتوحتب الثانى (ar); Μεντουχοτέπ Β΄, Mentuhotep II, Montuhotep II (el); Menthoehotep II, Mentuhotep II (nl)
Mentuhotep II 
Egyptian pharaoh of the 11th Dynasty
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Date of birth21st century BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Date of death2013 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
Place of burial
Country of citizenship
  • sovereign
Position held
Noble title
  • Iah
Authority control
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