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English: The Mercator projection is a cylindrical map projection presented by the Flemish geographer and cartographer Gerardus Mercator in 1569. It became the standard map projection for nautical purposes because of its ability to represent lines of constant course, known as rhumb lines or loxodromes, as straight segments. While the linear scale is equal in all directions around any point, thus preserving the angles and the shapes of small objects (which makes the projection conformal), the Mercator projection distorts the size and shape of large objects, as the scale increases from the equator to the poles, where it becomes infinite.
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proiezione cilindrica centrografica modificata di Mercatore 
proiezione cartografica
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Istanza di proiezione cartografica
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  • 1569
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proyección de Mercator (es); 麥卡托投影法 (yue); Mercator-vetület (hu); Mercator-vörpun (is); Proyeición de Mercator (ast); Unjuran Mercator (ms); Mercator-Projektion (de); Teilgean Mercator (ga); سیستم تصویر مرکاتور (fa); Меркаторова проекция (bg); Mercatorprojektion (da); Merkatör projeksiyonu (tr); メルカトル図法 (ja); Mercators projektion (sv); היטל מרקטור (he); 麥卡托投影法 (zh-hant); 麦卡托投影法 (zh-cn); 메르카토르 도법 (ko); Merkatora projekcio (eo); Mercatorovo zobrazení (cs); மெர்காதோர் வீழல் (ta); proiezione cilindrica centrografica modificata di Mercatore (it); projection de Mercator (fr); Mercatorova projekcija (hr); Mercatorova projekcija (sh); 麦卡托投影法 (zh-hans); Проекция Меркатора (ru); Merkatorova projekcija (sr-el); Меркаторова пројекција (sr-ec); मर्केटर प्रक्षेप (hi); Projecção de Mercator (pt); Меркаторова пројекција (sr); Mercatorprojectie (nl); projecció de Mercator (ca); മെർക്കാറ്റർ പ്രക്ഷേപം (ml); 麦卡托投影法 (zh-sg); เส้นโครงแผนที่แบบเมอร์เคเตอร์ (th); Odwzorowanie walcowe równokątne (pl); Merkatorprojeksjon (nb); 麥卡托投影法 (zh-tw); Proyeksi Mercator (id); Mercatorin projektio (fi); Проекція Меркатора (uk); 麥卡托投影法 (zh-hk); Mercator projection (en); إسقاط مركاتور (ar); μερκατορική προβολή (el); 麥卡托投影法 (zh) map projection (en); proiezione cartografica (it); projection cylindrique tangente à l'équateur du globe terrestre sur une carte plane formalisée par le géographe flamand, Gerardus Mercator en 1569 (fr); Projeção cartográfica (pt) carta di Mercatore, proiezione di Mercatore (it); projection Mercator (fr); Projecció mercator (ca); Mercatorentwurf, Mercatorkarte, Merkator-Projektion, Mercatorprojektion (de); Projecção cilíndrica de mercator, Mercator, Planisfério de mercator, Projeção cilíndrica de mercator, Projeção de Mercator (pt); 墨卡托投影, 麥卡托投影, 墨卡托投影法, 正軸等角圓柱投影, 圓柱投影法 (zh); Ваљкаста конформна пројекција (sr); Mercator Projeksiyonu (tr); 正角円筒図法, メルカトール図法 (ja); Mercatorprojektionen, Mercatorprojektion, Mercator-projektion (sv); Mapa Merkatora, Universal Transverse Mercator, Odwzorowanie Mercatora (pl); Mercators projeksjon (nb); Vergrotende breedtekaart, Normale conforme projectie, Wassende kaart (nl); Меркаторовская проекция, Меркатора проекция (ru); Mercatorin karttaprojektio, Mercator-projektio (fi); 정각원통도법, 점장도법 (ko); Cylindrical conformal projection (en); Proyeccion de Mercator, Proyeccion Mercator, Proyección Mercator (es); Merkátorová projekce, Merkátorové zobrazení (cs); Mercator projection (ml)

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