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Deutsch: Mercedes-Benz O580 Travego ist ein Reisebus der Daimler AG.
English: Mercedes-Benz O580 Travego coaches built by Mercedes-Benz (1999-present). Coach of the Year 2010.
Українська: Mercedes-Benz O580 Travego.


  • Mercedes-Benz Travego O580-15 RH - 12 m (only first generation),
  • Mercedes-Benz O580 Travego Edition 1 - Euro VI,
  • Mercedes-Benz Travego (O580-15 RHD) - 12,18 m,
  • Mercedes-Benz Travego M (O580-16 RHD) - 13,0 m, 3-axle,
  • Mercedes-Benz Travego L (O580-17 RHD) - 14,03 m, 3-axle.


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