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Deutsch: Glimmergruppe, Glimmer
Español: Mica
한국어: 운모
日本語: 雲母
Русский: Слюды
IMA/CNMNC – Nickel–Strunz classification 10 ed, as on ClassSilicates • SubclassPhyllosilicates • Group: Mica
True micas
Included minerals:
Aluminoceladonite, Annite, Aspidolite, Boromuscovite, Celadonite, Chromceladonite, Chromphyllite, Eastonite, Ephesite, Ferro-aluminoceladonite, Ferroceladonite, Fluorannite, Ganterite, Hendricksite, Masutomilite, Montdorite, Muscovite, Nanpingite, Norrishite, Oxyphlogopite, Paragonite, Phlogopite, Polylithionite, Preiswerkite, Roscoelite, Shirokshinite, Shirozulite, Siderophyllite, Sokolovaite, Tainiolite, Tetraferriannite, Tetraferriphlogopite, Tobelite, Trilithionite, Voloshinite
Brittle micas
Included minerals:
Anandite, Bityite, Chernykhite, Clintonite, Ferrokinoshitalite, Kinoshitalite, Margarite, Oxykinoshitalite, Fluorokinoshitalite
Interlayer-deficient mica
Unclassified micas
Included minerals:
Suhailite, Orlovite, Yangzhumingite
  • Note: phlogopites and kinoshitalites are grouped together
  • Ref.: Fleischer's Glossary of Minerals (2014) 11 ed and

Incompletely-investigated micas[edit]

Dioctahedral micas
Brammallite: Na0.65Al2.0ₓAl0.65Si3.35O10(OH)2
  • Paragonite, the Na analog of muscovite, alters in a more or less similar manner as muscovite, and leads to a Na-deficient variety called brammallite. (
  • Mindat - Brammallite
  • Interlayer-deficient micas with composition: K0.8R3+1.33R2+0.67◻Al0.13Si3.87O10(OH)2 (Fleischer's Glossary of Minerals, 2014)
  • Mindat - Glauconite: mica series name
  • Illite, a clay-like series, is essentially a K-deficient muscovite. (
  • Interlayer-deficient micas with composition: K0.65Al2.0◻Al0.65Si3.35O10(OH)2 (Fleischer's Glossary of Minerals, 2014)
  • Mindat - Illite: mica series name
  • "Series" name used in mica nomenclature. Potassic micas between, or close to, the muscovite-aluminoceladonite and muscovite-celadonite joins. (Fleischer's Glossary of Minerals, 2014)
  • "Potassic dioctahedral micas are between, or close to, the joins muscovite-aluminoceladonite and muscovite-celadonite." (Rieder et al., 1998)
  • Also defined as:
  • (1) "White micas with Si in excess of 3 apfu (atoms per formula unit) in the tetrahedral T site, thus lying on the joins muscovite-aluminoceladonite, and muscovite-celadonite."
  • (2) "White micas with fairly large amounts of Mg and Fe (whatever its oxidation state) and other scarce heavy cations such as Ti, Cr, etc. in the octahedral M site, the name thus meaning any mica with variable amounts of octahedral Al substituted mostly by Mg and Fe, irrespective of whether it is tetrasilicic or not, but implicitly assuming charge balance." (Cibin et al., 2008)
Trioctahedral micas
IMA/CNMNC – Nickel–Strunz classification 10 ed, as on ClassSilicates • SubclassPhyllosilicates • Group: Mica • SubgroupBiotite
Included minerals:
Annite, Eastonite, Fluorophlogopite, Fluorotetraferriphlogopite, Fluorannite, Phlogopite, Siderophyllite, Tetraferriannite
mica (es); Mētzcuitlatl (nah); Mika (ms); Мыстайдæн (os); Mica (en-gb); mika (kw); Слюди (bg); ابرق (pnb); ابرق (ur); glimmer (sv); слюда (uk); Абрақ (tg); Mikao (io); 운모 (ko); Слюдалар (kk); glimo (eo); микашист (mk); Óova'e (chy); অভ্র (bn); mica (fr); Tinjac (hr); अभ्रक (mr); mica (vi); vizla (lv); Лискуни (sr); mica (pt-br); glimmer (nn); glimmer (nb); Mikalar (az); ಅಭ್ರಕ (kn); mica (en); مايكا (ar); 雲母 (yue); csillám (hu); Mika (eu); Mica (ast); слюды (ru); Glimmergruppe (de-ch); Glimmergruppe (de); Míocaí (ga); میکا (fa); 云母 (zh); Glimmer (da); 雲母 (ja); קבוצת הנציצים (he); Mica (la); अभ्रक (hi); 云母 (wuu); Kiille (fi); mica (en-ca); ไมกา (th); அபிரகம் (ta); mica (it); эслүдәләр (tt); Mica (oc); փայլար (hy); Vilgud (et); slída (cs); फिपू (new); 雲母 (lzh); Sľuda (sk); mica (nl); mica (scn); mica (pt); mica (ca); Miki (pl); ਅਬਰਕ (pa); Žėrutis (lt); Sljuda (sl); Mică (ro); Слюды (be); Slyudalar (uz); Mika (id); Ulanga (madini) (sw); അഭ്രം (ml); Tinjci (sh); Glimmer (is); Сүлүүдэ (sah); Mika (tr); Лушчак (be-tarask); Mica (gl); Glimmer (nds); Μαρμαρυγίες (el); అభ్రకం (te) gruppo di fillosilicati (it); معدن (ar); grupo de minerais (pt-br); famille de minéraux (fr); fillosilikātu minerāls (lv); grupo de minerales filosilicatos (es); група мінералів-філосилікатів (uk); naam voor een grote groep mineralen (nl); grup de minerals (ca); परिचय (hi); Gruppe von Schichtsilikaten (de); grupo de minerais (pt); group of phyllosilicate minerals (en); نوعی کانی متشکل از اکسیژن سیلیسیم و آلمینیوم (fa); druh minerálu (cs); ஒரு கனிமம் (ta) micas (es); grup de la mica, grup de les miques (ca); Glimmer (de); malacacheta (pt); mica minerals (en); glimmermineral (nn); malacacheta (pt-br); மைக்கா, காக்காய்ப் பொன் (ta)
group of phyllosilicate minerals
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Subclass ofphyllosilicates
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  • "Series" name used in mica nomenclature. Micas between, or close to, the annite-phlogopite and siderophyllite-eastonite joins; dark micas without lithium.
  • Mindat - Biotite: discredited as valid mineral name 1999
  • "Series" name used in mica nomenclature. Micas on, or close to, the trilithionite-polylithionite join; light micas with substantial lithium.
  • Mindat - Lepidolite: discredited as valid mineral name 1989
  • "Series" name used in mica nomenclature. Micas on, or close to, the siderophyllite-polylithionite join; dark micas containing lithium.
  • Mindat - Zinnwaldite: discredited as valid mineral name


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