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English: The "Migrant Mother" — renowned image by photographer Dorothea Lange, of Florence Owens Thompson in 1936. Photographed at "Pea-Pickers Camp" — in Nipomo, San Luis Obispo County, central California. From a Resettlement Administration documentation project, the photograph has become one of the iconic images of the Great Depression. There are two versions of this image, an original one and an slightly retouched one, attributed to Lange, where the thumb gripping around the vertical log in the bottom right is appearing as it were quite transparent. Other variants were created by various people, for example by cropping or colorizing.
Migrant mother, Nipomo, California 
photograph by Dorothea Lange
Medium hochladen
Ist ein(e) Fotografie
Ist Teil von Franklin D. Roosevelt Library Public Domain Photographs (NAID 195301)
OrtNipomo, San Luis Obispo County, Kalifornien
Gründung, Erstellung bzw. Entstehung
  • 6. März 1936
  • 4 cm
  • 5 cm
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Migrant mother, Nipomo, California (en); Mère migrante (fr); Migrant mother, Nipomo, California (en); Siirtolaisäiti (fi) célèbre photo de Dorothea Lange (fr); Dorothea Langen valokuva (fi); photograph by Dorothea Lange (en); photograph by Dorothea Lange (en); fotografie van Dorothea Lange (nl) Migrant Mother, Mère Migrante, Mere migrante (fr); Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California (en)

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