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Maria Ilva Biolcati, known with her stage name as Milva (born 17 July 1939 in Goro, Italy), is an Italian singer, comedian and stage actress, nicknamed la Rossa (Italian for "the Red") because of her red big hair, or even la Pantera di Goro ("the Panther of Goro") because of her flamboyant and passionate style of singing. Apart from her native Italian language, she performed in French since early 1960s (she was the first singer to perform Édith Piaf's repertoire in Paris) and in German, mostly on Bertolt Brecht's recitals. For her services to the said languages and culture she has been awarderd the highest honours from the three governments: the Order of Merit of both Italian and German Federal Republic, plus the Knighthood of the French Légion d'Honneur‎. She also performed in English and Spanish (the latter mainly on the Argentine tango composer Astor Piazzolla's lyrics and music)