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Moazzam Beg Khan's, formerly team title, used Indian mughal and pushto family members Moazzam Mirza and his brothers Pathan Khans, team found 18 Now 2009, team founder and leader is Moazzambeg Mirza he is watercolor artist also Beg is a descent Mughal family, Moazzambeg and his brothers Khans is house member of House of Khan Beg.[1]

Team members:

  • Moazzambeg Mirza (team founder & leader)
  • Akramkhan Pathan
  • Afzalkhan Pathan
  • Ashifkhan Pathan
  • Ashrafkhan Pathan
  • Adilkhan Pathan
  • Faisalkhan Pathan
  • Khalidkhan Pathan
  • Shahnawazkhan Pathan
  • Salimkhan Pathan


  1. Moazzam beg khans team member list, team leader moazzam beg also prince beg.


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