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Monarchs of Spain

Juana and Felipe I (1504–1555)
Carlos I (1516–1556)
Felipe II (1556–1598)
Felipe III (1598–1621)
Felipe IV (1621–1665)
Carlos II (1665–1700)
Felipe V (1700–1724)
Luis I (1724)
Felipe V (1724–1746)
Ferdinand VI (1746–1759)
Carlos III (1759–1788)
Carlos IV (1788–1808)
Ferdinand VII (1808)
Joseph Bonaparte (1808–1813)
Ferdinand VII (1813–1833)
Isabella II (1833–1868)
Amadeo I (1870–1873)
Alfonso XII (1874–1885)
Alfonso XIII (1886–1931)
Juan Carlos (1975–2014)

Felipe VI (2014–present)


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