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<nowiki>Monoamino oxidasa; monoaminooxidasa; Monoaminooxidase; مونو آمین; 单胺氧化酶; Monoamin oxidază; モノアミン酸化酵素; Monoaminoxidas; מונואמין אוקסידאז; Monoaminorum oxidasis; 單胺氧化酶; 单胺氧化酶; Monoamiinioksidaasi; Моноаминоксидаза; monoamina oksidazo; Ammino ossidasi; monoamine oxydase; Monoamiini oksüdaas; Monoamina oxidase; 單胺氧化酶; Amin oksidaza; Monoamin oksidaz; Monoaminooksydaza; monoamine oxidase; 单胺氧化酶; 單胺氧化酶; monoaminoksidase; monoaminoksidase; Monoaminoksidaza; Amin oksidaza; моноаміноксидаза; Моноаминоксидаза; monoamino-oxidase; Monoamino oxidase; أوكسيديز أحادي الأمين; 单胺氧化酶; MAO; classe d'enzims; Enzymfamilie; enzym i hjärnan; class of enzymes; فئة من الإنزيمات; 酶的類; familio de enzimoj; MAO-A; MAO; Monoaminooxidasa; MAO-B; モノアミンオキシダーゼ; Mono-amine oxydase; Monoamine oxidase; Monoamminossidasi; Monoammina ossidasi; Monoaminossidasi; Monoammino ossidasi; Monoamino ossidasi; Monoamina ossidasi; Monoamina-ossidasi; Monoamiinooksüdaas; Monoaminooksüdaas; Monoamiin oksüdaas; Monoamiin-oksüdaas; MAO; Monoamiinoksüdaas; Monoamiinide oksüdaas; MAO; aminoksidase; adrenalinoksidase; tyraminoksidase; tyraminase; MAO-A; MAO-B; monoamine-oxidase; monoamino oxidase; monoaminooxidase; monoaminoöxidase; monoamineoxidase; monoamine oxidase; monoamino oxidasa; MAO; مونو امین; Monoamin-Oxidase; MAO-Gene; Warrior Gene; MAO-B; Monoaminoxidase; MAOA; Monoaminooxidase-A; MAOB; MAO-A; Monoaminoxidase-B; Monoaminoxidase B; Monoaminoxidase A; Monoaminoxidase; MAO; amine:oxygen oxidoreductase (deaminating); monoamine oxidase; MAO; Оксидаза моноаминов; МАО-А; Моноаминоксидазы; МАО; Моноаминооксидаза; MAO; Oksydaza monoaminowa</nowiki>
monoamine oxidase 
class of enzymes
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Instance of
  • group or class of enzymes
Subclass of
  • oxidoreductase
  • oxidoreductase, acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors, oxygen as acceptor
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