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These are images created to be used for visual reference in the articles about ethnic groups on Wikipedia. (See en:Norwegians for an example.)

Please use the discussion page to request new montages, to suggest changes to existing ones, or for any other general discussion.

Note that every subimage of a montage must be sourced correctly, and that each subimage may be licenced differently. Since Wikimedia projects tend to encourage deletion of non-free images of notable persons, some source images of a montage could be deleted, causing a deletion request on the montage itself. For this reason, using a gallery of separate images might be a better alternative. (See en:Russians, for example.)

Non-use per RfC[edit]

In January 2016 there was a RfC that determined a consensus to remove portrait galleries from the infoboxes of articles about ethnic groups.

The reasoning being:

  • "The main reasons given for this decision are that, lacking objective criteria, it is original research to determine who should be featured in the gallery, that this selection process generates a lot of unnecessary conflict, and that a few individuals are not an adequate visual representation of a large group of people. This also applies to articles about other than ethnic groups, such as nationalities, because the discussion has shown that the same arguments apply to these groups as well."


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