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Morris Ten-Six August 1935 radiator badge.JPG

Morris Ten-Six

Six-cylinder engine announced August 1933.
Short-lived model but still advertised in September 1934

6-cylinder engine 57 x 90mm = 1378cc
Nominal horsepower 12 though called The Ten(-Six)
Wheelbase 8ft 6inches, Track 4ft 0inches. (wheelbase 6 inches longer than the Ten-Four)
Weight 21½cwt

Morris Ten-Six Special Sports

displayed at Olympia October 1933

Long bonnet with a strap, louvred valances by the frame without running boards, low-sloping or cutaway doors, and a flared back with a low tail. Chassis as the Ten-Six with twin carburettors, a special radiator with stone-guard, spring steering wheel, special speedometer and revolution indicator, remote gearbox control, two horns, an electric petrol pump and automatic ignition advance.