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Moša Šišic is a gypsy jazz violinist who plays the violin since the age of 6. This descendant of a Yugoslavian Roma family dedicated to the violin since several generations lives in Austria since his 5th year of life.

Moša attended Konservatorium Wien for 6 years. Since 2004, he perferably plays with his family [his wife Jasmina (keys, voc), daughter Nena, son Miki (percussions)] and friends. Among the special guests featuring with him from time to time are (by order of alphabet):
Josef Brachner, Lakis Jordanopoulos, Toni Stricker, Harri Stojka, Gerhard Wessely.

"Im pleased about any applause, as it is the use in concert halls, but really happy am I when my audience starts moving, starts dancing: This remembers me where I and my music come from. This is why I still like very much to play for weddings, parties and similar." (Moša Šišic)
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