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<nowiki>Multitáctil; 多點觸控; Мультитач; Fjölsnertiskjár; multitàctil; Multi-Touch-Screen; چندلمسی; 多點觸控; Multi-touch; Multi-touch; マルチタッチ; Multi-touch; Мультитач; 多點觸控; 多点触控; మల్టీ-టచ్; 멀티터치; Мультитач; vícedotykové ovládání; பல்முனைத் தொடு இடைமுகம்; Multi-touch; multi-touch; Viacdotykové ovládanie; מגע מרובה; ecrã multitáctil; 多点触控; Cảm ứng đa điểm; Multi-touch; мультитач; večdotičnost; multi-touchscherm; Multi-touch; 多点触控; WLED Multi-Touch screen; Multi-Touch; multitouch; 多點觸控; มัลติทัช; Multi-touch; 多點觸控; повеќедопирен внос; multi-touch; لمس متعدد; 多点触控; Plur-tushebla skreno; zaslonsko prepoznavanje gest z več prsti; Bildschirm mit Mehrfingergestenerkennung; technology; multitouch; Teknologi; жесты, использующие 2 и более точки; Multi touch; Multi-touch; Multitactil; Multitouch; multi-tactile; multipoint; multitactiles; tactile multipoint; multitouch; Pantalla multitàctil; Interfície multitàctil; Multi-touch; Multitouch; Multi-tàctil; Multitouch; Multitouch Table; Multi-Touch; Ecrã multitátil; Ecrã multi-táctil; Tela multi-toque; Ecrã multi-tátil; Multitoque; Multi-touch; Multitouch; Multi-toque; چند لمسی; 多点触摸; 捏挾; 触控屏; Dual-touch; Single-touch; Multitouch; Çoklu dokunmatik; Multitouch; Multi-touch; Multi-dotykové; Multi-touch; Multi-dotykové ovládanie; Multitouch; Multidotyk; Multi touch; Flerberøringsskjerm; Multi-touch; Multi-touch scherm; 觸控屏; 触控屏; Multi-touch; Multitouch; 애니콜 멀티터치; 멀티 터치스크린; 멀티 터치; multi-touch screen; multi-touchscreem; اللمس المتعدد; 触控屏; večdotični zaslon</nowiki>
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Multi-touch (or multitouch) denotes a set of interaction techniques which allow computer users to control graphical applications with several fingers.


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