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This category tracks pages using Multilingual descriptions that have been partly remapped because they use legacy deprecated language codes (this is technically not an error but this indicates possible ambiguities or conflicts between languages, or absence of strict conformance to the BCP47 standard of the web).

To fix this, locate the multilingual description template used in these pages, and change the language codes given as parameter names and that are listed at the begining of Module:Multilingual description (in remappedLanguages), check that the replacement suggested are correct (for example change "no=" to "nb=" or "nn=", do not use the legacy interwiki codes there, valid only for links to wikis; you should use only conforming and non-ambiguous BCP 47 language identifiers), and make sure these codes are written only in lowercase in the parameter names.

Note: correcting all these is not absolutely required as the descriptions are still displayed and selectable from the top menu (but these descriptions are tagged with replaced codes in the generated HTML for correct indexing of the website using standard BCP 47 as much as possible). In some cases, the replacement is suggested to avoid ambiguities between language variants or allow proper distinction of languages in the same family.

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