Category:Multiple units, motor coaches and railcars of Russia

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81-730.05(4 F)
81-7?? «Oka»(2 F)
ACh2(3 C, 80 F)
ADE1(3 F)
AM140-01(1 C, 2 F)
AM3/AMD3(5 F)
AS-01(11 F)
AS1A(10 C)
AS1A of Russia(5 F)
AS1A.2(5 F)
AS3M(1 F)
AS4(4 C, 9 F)
AS5(3 F)
ASD1(3 F)
AV AM MOT 758(1 P, 14 F)
AYa4D(1 F)
D1 (diesel trains)(8 C, 2 F)
D1 of Russia(2 C, 33 F)
DP «Rosaria»(5 F)
DPM(1 C, 9 F)
DPM1(2 F)
DPS (diesel train)(2 F)
DPSaAZ(14 F)
DR1 of Russia(2 C, 6 F)
DT1 (diesel-electric trains)(1 C, 23 F)
DT116(1 F)
Kiha 58 of Russia(1 F)
PD1(8 F)
Pesa 611M of Russia(6 F)
RA1(5 C, 37 F)
RA2 of Russia(84 F)
RA3(2 C, 3 F)
RShP-48(8 F)
RSM1(4 F)
SA (diesel railcar)(1 F)
SMDK-Mtr(2 C, 1 F)
81-540/541(6 C, 4 F)
81-556/557/558(2 C, 42 F)
81-55x.3(12 F)
81-580/581/582(2 C)
81-717/714(15 C, 4 F)
81-720/721(4 C, 3 F)
81-722/723/724(4 C, 6 F)
81-740/741(7 C, 2 F)
81-760/761(10 C)
81-765/766/767(5 C, 11 F)
81-780/781(2 C, 4 F)
A subway trains(4 C)
AYa4D(1 F)
B subway trains(1 C, 2 F)
D subway trains(6 C, 2 F)
DER(4 F)
DT1 (diesel-electric trains)(1 C, 23 F)
E subway trains(12 C, 2 F)
ED1(5 F)
ED2T(4 C, 75 F)
ED4(11 C, 12 F)
ED6(1 C, 10 F)
ED9(8 C)
EDS1R(3 F)
EG2Tv(4 C, 52 F)
EM2(1 C, 34 F)
EM2P(3 F)
EM4(1 C, 9 F)
EN3(2 C, 3 F)
EP2D(4 C, 45 F)
EP3D(2 C, 31 F)
ER1 of Russia(11 F)
ER2 of Russia(3 C, 349 F)
ER2R of Russia(109 F)
ER2T of Russia(173 F)
ER6(2 F)
ER7(2 C, 3 F)
ER9 of Russia(5 C, 4 F)
ER10(1 C, 1 F)
ER22 of Russia(1 C, 7 F)
ER200(5 C)
ES «Lastochka»(9 C, 2 F)
ES1(6 C)
ES2(3 F)
ES250(2 C, 10 F)
ES2G(6 C)
ESh2 of Russia(31 F)
ET2(5 C, 45 F)
ET2A(2 F)
ET4A(1 C, 10 F)
Sapsan(5 C)
G subway trains(2 C, 1 F)
I subway trains(3 F)
S (electric trains)(3 C, 13 F)
Karelian Trains Class Sm6(1 C, 62 F)
SN (electric train)(2 F)
Talgo 250 Strizh(1 C, 12 F)
V subway trains(2 C)
VS-1N(2 F)
ET2ML(19 F)
Sapsan(5 C)


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