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English: Murrine (common pluralization murrini, although in Italian it is spelled "murrina", plural "murrine") is an Italian term for colored patterns or images made in a glass cane (long rods of glass) that are revealed when cut in cross-sections. Murrine can be made in infinite designs—some styles are more familiar, such as millefiori. Artists working in glass design murrine in a variety of ways from simple circular or square patterns to complex detailed designs to even portraits of people. Murrine are designed by layering different colors of molten glass around a core, then heating and stretching it into a rod. When cool, the rod is sliced into cross-sections of desired thickness with each slice possessing the same pattern in cross-section.
Français : Le millefiori est une technique antique de fabrication de mosaïque en verre.
colored patterns made in glass
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Murrina (it); Fadenglas (de); Murrine (en); مرين (ar); 默勒石 (zh); Filigraanklaas (et) colored patterns made in glass (en); Kunstglas mit eingeschmolzenen farbigen oder weißen Glasfäden (de); colored patterns made in glass (en) Filigranglas, Petinetglas, Spitzenglas (de)


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