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Nasr, (Arabic: النصر‎, long form: El Nasr Automotive Manufacturing Company) is Egypt's state owned automobile company, founded in 1960 in Helwan, Cairo Governorate, Egypt. Since 1979 the company has produced licensed versions of the Fiat 128 and 125, 1983-1992 FSO Polonez and in 1991 introduced a further range of Fiat designed cars licensed via the Turkish company Tofaş. In the early 2000s Nasr began producing the Florida range under license from Serbian manufacturer Zastava.

List of models

  • Nasr 128
  • Sahin 1.4S
  • Sahin 1.6SL
  • Zastava Florida In
  • Fiat 1100
  • Fiat 1300/1500
  • Fiat 2300
  • Polski Fiat 125p/FSO 125p
  • FSO Polonez MR'83/MR'85
  • FSO Polonez MR'86/MR'87/MR'89
  • Fiat Ritmo
  • Fiat Regata
  • Fiat Tempra


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