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The National Guard Bureau of the United States, despite its military appearances, is not an armed force nor the headquarters nor staff of an armed force. It is an agency of the Defense Department. Its purpose is to keep open channels of communication between the Army and the Air Force and the Governors and Adjutants General of the various states regarding the accessibility and readiness of the nation's Guard units, which amount to nearly 1/2 million trained and armed citizens. These units must be available to the Federal Government and ready for action if a crisis of any sort occurs, from warfare to natural disasters.

The Chief of National Guard Bureau is headquartered in the new Herbert R. Temple Jr. Army National Guard Readiness Center building at 111 South Mason Drive, Arlington, Virginia, in the military complex known as Arlington Hall. He commands two directorates, Director of the Air National Guard (DANG) and the Director of the Army National Guard (DARNG) as well as an extensive staff. The DANG communicates with the Air National Guard Readiness Center located at Joint Base Andrews. It is an agency of the USAF existing to facilitate communication between the DANG and the units of the Air National Guard. It originates joint ANG training operations with the NGB. The equivalent Army National Guard Readiness center is located in the same building at Arlington as the CNGB, handling ARNG joint training operations.

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