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Deutsch: Nektanebos I. (ägyptisch: Nechtenebef), altägyptischer König der 30. Dynastie, 380-363 v. Chr. Mehr...
English: Nectanabo was a pharaoh of the Thirtieth dynasty of Egypt. In 380 BC, Nectanebo deposed Nefaarud II, starting the last dynasty of Egyptian kings. He seems to have spent much of his reign defending his kingdom from Persian reconquest with the occasional help of troops from Sparta or Athens. From about 365 BC he was a co-regent with his son Teos, who succeeded him. He died in 362 BC. More...
Français : Nectanébo (Khéperka Rê) qui règna de -380 à -362 est un des derniers Égyptiens sur le trône d'Égypte. Il fut un grand constructeur ou reconstructeur des principaux temples d'une Égypte réunifiée pour la dernière fois par des souverains d'origine locale. Pour en savoir plus...

Nectanebo I (es); Nahtnebef (hu); Nektanebo I.a (eu); Nectabeu I (ca); Nektanebos I. (de); Nectanebo I (sq); نکتانبوس یکم (fa); 内克塔内布一世 (zh); ნექტანებ I (ka); ネクタネボ1世 (ja); Nektanebos I (sv); נכתנבו הראשון (he); Nektanebo I (fi); Nachtnebef (cs); முதலாம் நெக்தனெபோ (ta); Nectanebo I (it); Nectanébo Ier (fr); Nectanebo 1k (yo); Nectanebo I (vi); Nectanebo I (nl); Nectanebo I (af); Нектанеб I (sr); Nektaneb I. (sl); Nec'htnebef Iañ (br); خبر كارع (arz); Nektanebas I (lt); ฟาโรห์เนคทาเนโบที่ 1 (th); Nektanebo I (pl); Nectanebo I (ro); Nektaneb I (sh); Нектанеб I (bg); Нектанеб I (uk); Нектанеб I (ru); පළමුවන නෙක්ටනෙබෝ (si); Nectanebo I (en); نختنبو الأول (ar); Νεκτανεβώ Α΄ της Αιγύπτου (el); Nectanebo I (id) egyiptomi fáraó (hu); ඊජිප්තු පාරාවෝ (si); staatsman uit het oude Egypte (?-362v Chr) (nl); древнеегипетский фараон (ru); altägyptischer König der 30. Dynastie (de); Egyptian pharaoh (en); ملك مصري (ar); Egiptiese farao (af); Египетски фараон (bg) Nakhtnebef (en); ナクトネブエフ (ja); I. Nektanebó (hu); නඛ්ට්නෙබෙෆ්, පළමුවන නෙක්ටැනෙබෝ, නෙක්ටනෙබෝ I, නෙක්ටැනෙබෝ I (si)
Nectanebo I 
Egyptian pharaoh
Nectanebo I (M.A.N. Inv.1979-65-1) 01.jpg
Estàtua en granit de Nectabeu I, duent una taula d'ofrenes.
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Horus name
Nebty name
Date of birth5th century BC
Date of death362 BC (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584)
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