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The Nederlandsche Koloniale Petroleum Maatschappij (N.K.P.M., Nederlands Colonial Oil Company) was an indirect subsidiary of the Standard Oil Company formed in 1912 hold via their marketing affiliate in the Netherlands. The company was directed by Dutch managers in order to fulfill the May 23, 1889 ordenance allowing the petroleum exploitation only companies directed by Dutch citizens. Untill 1928 the NLPM not reveived a sizeable consession from the colonial government but only holds some concessions purchased secondhand from other oil companies. Suported by the U.S. foreign politics and the new Indonesian oil policy instituted by the Netherlands the NKPM was granted consessions in 1928.[1] In 1933 NKPM was merged with Standard Oil of New Jersey, into a joint venture company named the Standard Vacuum Petroleum Maatstchappij, which later on in 1947 became the Standard Vacuum Company (STANVAC).[2]

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