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English: Walters manuscript W.657 is an illustrated and illuminated composite volume of three poetic texts: the Khamsah (quintet) of Nizami Ganjavi (died 605 AH/AD 1209), the Khamsah (quintet) of Amir Khusraw Dihlavi (died 725 AH/AD 1325), and the Timurnamah (Epic of Timur) by 'Abd Allah Hatifi (died 927 AH/AD 1520), also known as the Zafarnamah. The texts are written in black Naskh script, with titles, section headings, and incidentals in white or red Tawqi'/Riqa' script. It was produced in the 10th century AH/AD 16th, in either India or Safavid Iran. The binding is not original to the manuscript. According to a note on front flyleaf iia, the codex was re-bound and restored by a bookbinder of Tabriz, Khwand Mulla Mahdi Sahhaf-i Tabrizi in 1295 AH/AD1878.

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