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  • Type: PC-461 Class Submarine Chaser
  • Laid down, 30 October 1943 by the Consolidated Shipbuilding Corp., Morris Heights, New York;
  • Launched, 19 December 1943;
  • Displacement 280 t.(lt) , 295 t.(fl);
  • Length 175';
  • Beam 23';
  • Draft 10' 10";
  • Speed; 20k;
  • Complement 6 Officers, 53 Enlisted;
  • Armament one single 3"/50 gun mount, one single 40mm gun mount; three 20mm guns, two rocket launchers, four depth charge projectiles, two depth charge tracks;
  • Propulsion two 2,560bhp Hooven-Owen-Rentschler RB-99DA diesel engines (Serial No. 7327 & 7328), Westinghouse reduction gear, two shafts.
  • As NOGA in the K 26 engine room there were 2 Marine type Hamilton main engines of 1700 HP each, 10 cylinder 2 cycle double acting supercharged diesels, air started direct reversible engines, with an hydraulic clutch and Westinghouse reduction gear for each. With twin propellers. There were also a complement of 2 Buda generators and other auxiliaries


  • Commissioned USS PC-1265, 12 May 1944. YUCATAN PC-1265 was assigned to the Eastern and Caribbean Sea Frontiers, and the Canadian Coastal Zones during World War II. *Transferred to the Maritime Commission, 3 December 1946.
  • Purchased by an undercover, underground Jewish organization and scheduled for delivery to the Israeli Navy, which was at that time in its infancy. The Captain, Benny Berg was in charge. The MV Yucatan was registered under a Panamanian flag, as a merchant ship, with Captain, Mates and Chief Engineer licensed as the law and insurance required.
  • July 1848 under some repairs at the Todd’s Shipyard in New Orleans, Louisiana,
  • Arrived in the port of Vera Cruz Mexico on July 6th 1948.
  • On or about July 12th 1948 as the Yucatan was ready to leave port
  • Arrived in the port of Haifa on Sept. 29th. 1948.
  • Turned over officially on Sept.31st 1948 to the Israeli Navy becoming NOGA K 26.
  • On October 19, 1948 the Haganah/ K-20, Wedgwood/ K-18, Maoz /K-24 and Noga/ K-26 engaged an Egyptian corvette and three Egyptian spitfires. They downed one of the spitfires and damaged the corvette, which escaped back to its base at Port Said. On October 22, 1948, the same four warships encountered the Egyptian Navy flagship King Farouq. The King Farouq was sunk and an Egyptian minesweeper was damaged.
  • 1949 Although the K 26 was in good operating condition at that time, it came to a stand still and never sailed again on its own power due to lack of competent engineering officers remaining on board.
  • Eventually the K 26 became a hotel service and electric power supply mother ship for the small boat fleet at the Naval southern section of the breakwater within the port area of Haifa.
  • Years later when the steel hull of the K 26 deteriorated it was used for torpedo target practice and was sunk. It ended at the bottom of the Mediterra nean Sea, near the Israeli coastline.

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