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English: The Norvegia Expeditions were a sequence of Antarctic expeditions financed by the Norwegian shipowner and whaling merchant Lars Christensen from 1927 to 1931. Ostensibly their goal was scientific research and the discovery of new whaling grounds, but Christensen also requested permission from the Norwegian Foreign Office to claim for Norway any uncharted territory that was found. By the end of the second expedition, two small islands in the Southern Ocean, Bouvet Island and Peter I Island, had been annexed. In 1929 Christensen decided to include aeroplanes in the next expedition and appointed Hjalmar Riiser-Larsen its leader. Riiser-Larsen then supervised and took part in mapping most of the Antarctic in this and three further expeditions, the Thorshavn Expeditions. More territory was also annexed, this time the large area of the continent known as Queen Maud Land.
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Norvegia-expeditionerna (sv); Norvegia-ekspedisjonane (nn); Norvegia-ekspedisjonene (nb); Norvegia-ekspeditionerne (da) Den første Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Den andre Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Den tredje Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Norvegiaekspedisjonen, Den fjerde Norvegia-ekspedisjonen (nb); Den andre Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Norvegiaekspedisjonane, Den tredje Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Den første Norvegia-ekspedisjonen, Den fjerde Norvegia-ekspedisjonen (nn)


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