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programa de armamento nuclear (es); programme d'armes nucléaires (fr); programma di armi nucleari (it); kärnvapenprogram (sv); atomvåpenprogram (nn); Programa d'armes nuclears (ca); kernwapenprogramma (nl); программа ядерного оружия (ru); programa de armas nucleares (pt); Nuklearwaffenprogramm (de); nuclear weapons program (en); nuclear weapons program (en); atombomba programo (eo); πρόγραμμα πυρηνικών όπλων (el); nükleer silah programı (tr) programma nucleare militare (it); programme nucléaire militaire (fr); military nuclear program (en); military nuclear program (en); militärisches Atomprogramm (de) nuclear weapons programme (en); ядерная оружейная программа, ядерная военная программа, военная ядерная программа (ru); Atomwaffenprogramm, Kernwaffenprogramm (de); programme de dotation d'armes nucléaires, programme de développement d'armes nucléaires (fr)
nuclear weapons program 
military nuclear program
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English: Media related to the scientific and engineering process by which a country or organisation acquires the ability to build nuclear weapons, also including media related to later production and further development. It does not relate to actual deployment or use or to the specific weapons developed, which should be sorted into other appropriate categories.

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