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oboe d'amore 
strumento a fiato ad ancia doppia
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strumento traspositore
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oboe d'amore (it); Oboa d’amore (hu); Hobojo de amoro (eo); Hautbois d'amour (fr); oboè d'amor (ca); אבוב ד'אמורה (he); Oboe d’amore (de); oboé d'amore (pt); oboe d'amore (en-gb); Հոբոյ դ̕ամուր (hy); 柔音雙簧管 (zh); Obo d'amore (da); Oboe d'amore (ro); オーボエ・ダモーレ (ja); Oboé d'amore (pt-br); Гобой д’амур (ru); oboe d’amore (sv); obo d'amore (nn); oboe d’amore (nb); Oboe d'amore (nl); lemmenoboe (fi); oboe de amor (es); Obój miłosny (pl); 오보에 다모레 (ko); oboe d'amore (en); Oboe d'amore (en-ca); Гобой д'амур (uk); ابوا دامور (fa) instrumento musical (es); Instrument de musique de la famille des bois (fr); puupuhallinsoitin (fi); double reed woodwind musical instrument (en); strumento a fiato ad ancia doppia (it); Oboeninstrument (de) oboes d'amore (it); オーボエダモーレ (ja); Oboe d'amore (de); oboe d'amore (fi); hautbois d'amour (en); kärleksoboe (sv)

Oboe d'amore (oboe of love), less commonly hautbois d'amour, is a double reed woodwind musical instrument in the oboe family. Slightly larger than the oboe, it has a less assertive and more tranquil and serene tone, and is considered the mezzo-soprano of the oboe family, between the oboe itself (soprano) and the cor anglais, or English horn (alto). It is a transposing instrument, sounding a minor third lower than it is notated, i.e. in A. The bell is pear-shaped and the instrument uses a bocal, similar to the larger cor anglais, whose bocal is larger.

The oboe d'amore was invented in the 18th century and was first used by Christoph Graupner in Wie wunderbar ist Gottes Güt (1717).

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