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DomainEukaryota • RegnumFungi • PhylumAscomycota • SubphylumSaccharomycotina • ClassisSaccharomycetes • OrdoSaccharomycetales • FamiliaSaccharomycetaceae • GenusOgataea • Species: Ogataea polymorpha (Morais & M.H. Maia) Y. Yamada, K. Maeda & Mikata 1994
Hansenula polymorpha Morais & M.H. Maia
Hansenula angusta Wick.
Ogataea angusta (Teun., H.H. Hall & Wick.) Suh & Zhou
Candida thermophila K.S. Shin, Y.K. Shin, J.H. Yoon & Y.H. Park
Ogataea thermophila G. Péter, Tornai-Leh., K.S. Shin & Dlauchy,

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