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  • Type: Iron flush-decked corvette
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by: Stettiner Maschinenbau Actien-Gesellschaft "Vulcan", at Bredow, Germany
  • Yard No: 88
  • Keel laid: 1879
  • Launch date: 11.12.1880
  • Date of completion: 10.09.1881
  • Length over all: 76.35 m
  • LPP: 70.6 m
  • Beam: 14 m
  • Draught: 5.80 m
  • GRT: 2,424
  • DWT: 2,147
  • NET:
  • Sail area:
  • Main engine: 1 horizontal 3-cyl expansion steam engine, 2,367 ihp., one shaft
  • Speed: 12 kn
  • Range by a speed of 10 knots: 3,240 mile.
  • Bunker capacity: 218 ton coal.
  • Armament: 2 – 8.8 cm, 12 – 3.7cm guns.
  • Crew: 296.


  • 1881 Named: OLGA after the Grand Duchess Olga Nikolajewna Romanowa (1822-1892), daughter of the Russian Tsar Nikolaus I, for German Imperial Navy Flag: Germany
  • 30.10.1884 Sailed from Wilhelmshaven, Germany for West Africa. In a unit of the new formed West African Cruiser Squadron under Rear Admiral Eduard von Knorr. Together with SMS BISMARCK, SMS MÖWE, SMS GNEISENAU and SMS ARIADNE. The squadron as part of a gunboat diplomacy in Western Africa would give protection to German residents living in the operational area between the Niger delta and Gabon. For the area (today Cameroun) in 1884 the first protection treaty was closed. 18.09.1884 a rebellion started initiated by Great Britain against the pro-German King Bell. German landing forces from the SMS BISMARCK and SMS OLGA stormed the Josplatte where the insurgents had holed up. 22.09.1884 the mariners put down the uprising. Thereafter more treaties between France, Great Britain and Germany were closed in which Cameroun became a colony of Germany. The SMS OLGA went thereafter back to Germany and arrived 25.05.1885 at Kiel.
  • 1888 Proceeded to Samoa, where a rebellion arose by the natives, supported by the U.S.A against the German merchants and plantations.
  • 18.12.1888 A landing force of the OLGA with the EBER got in a heavy fight with the natives in Apia, in which two officers and 14 men were killed and 1 officer and 38 men wounded.
  • 21.12.1888 Shelled and burned the Village of Vaillele in the Samoa revolt.
  • 15/16.03.1889 In the great hurricane that struck the harbor at Apia, Samoa, she knocked the smoke-stack out of Nipsic, carried away several of her boats, her rail, main chains, and sprung her mainmast. She struck Trenton twice, taking a quarter gallery off at each blow, at the same time carrying away the starboard quarter davits with their boats. She also damaged Vandalia (sunk, losing 43 lives). She gave much trouble to Calliope. When the USS TRENTON started to drift in the direction of the OLGA, Commander von Ehrhardt of the OLGA decided to move so quick as possible from his position, not possible to reach open water, he decided to beach his vessel. It was possible to steam free of the USS TRENTON only the bowsprit of the American ship pulled his lower yards away, and he beached the OLGA on the sand off Matautu, ship and crew was saved. In term of course she sustained much damage herself, losing her bowsprit - close up to the knightheads, and having a hole stove in her quarter, besides other mishaps. She was however the only German ship saved. When hauled off the beach, she proceeded to Sidney for repairs.
  • 1889 Returned to Germany, surviving a collision with a British merchant vessel in the Suez Canal on the way
  • 1889 Extensively modified and converted for use as a training ship
  • During the summer of 1898 she made an expedition to Bear Island and West Spitsbergen on behalf of the German Sea Fisheries Society.
  • 03.1906 Sold for scrap
  • 1908 Scrapped

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