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  • Type: 4 masted barque
  • Design by:
  • Order date:
  • Built by: Mackie and Thomson at Glasgow
  • Yard No: 57
  • Keel laid:
  • Launch date: 21.09.1892
  • Date of completion: 10.1892
  • Length over all: 99.4 m
  • LPP: m
  • Beam: 13.1 m
  • Draught: 7.4 m
  • GRT: 2.824
  • DWT:
  • NET: 2.647
  • Sail area:
  • Main engine:
  • Speed: kn
  • TEU:
  • Reefer points:


  • 1892 Named: OLIVEBANK for Andrew Weir and Co. (Bank Line), Glasgow. Flag: United Kingdom
  • Maiden voyage under command of Capt. J.N. Petrie.
  • 1900 Passage from Melbourne to Falmouth in 87 days.
  • 1909 Passage from Santa Rosalia, California to Newcastle N.S.W. in 60 days.
  • 25.02.1911, when under command of Capt. David George her cargo of coal caught fire in the harbour of Santa Rosalia, she grounded due to the amount of water pumped in to extinguish the fire. Refloated and repaired.
  • 29.06.1911 Thrown against a breakwater by a hurricane at Santa Rosalia and sustained minor damage to her stern and rudder. One man of her crew was killed in the accident.
  • During 1913 Passage from Callao to Newcastle N.S.W. in 56 days and back to Antofagasta in 52 days
  • 08.1913 Sold to A/S Olivebank (E Monsen and Co. managers) at Tvedestrand, Norway. Flag: Norway
  • 09.1916 Sold to Tvedestrands Rederi A/S (J.A. Henschien, manager), Tvedestrand for NKr. 935.000.
  • 1918 Sold to Christianssands Shipping Co. Ltd., Kristiansand, Norway.
  • 09.1920 Sold to Skibs A/S Otra (Lars Jørgensen manager), Kristiansand.
  • 08.1922 Sold for 85.000 Kroner to A/S Caledonia (John J Lorentzen, Kristiania (Oslo), Norway, renamed CALEDONIA.
  • 1923 Sailed from Campbellton to Adelaide in 122 days.
  • 1924 Sailed from Melbourne to Queenstown in 113 days. (Basil Lubbock gives the year 1925 for this voyage.)
  • 10.1924 Sold to Captain Gustav Erikson at Mariehamn, renamed again OLIVEBANK, made her first voyage for Erikson under command of Captain K Tørberg. Flag: Finland
  • 1924 Sailed from Cardiff, U.K to Port Lincoln in 93 days, made that voyage in ballast.
  • 24.04.1926 Sailed in ballast from Melbourne for the Seychelles to load guano for New Zealand. Failing to round Cape Leeuwin, the captain turned round and sailed through the Torres Straits, arriving at Mahe on 27 June after a passage of 64 days. At that time it was said that she was the largest sailing vessel ever went through the Torrens Straits.
  • 16.08.1926 Sailed again from Mahe and after a passage of 89 days she arrived at Dunedin, New Zealand on 13 Nov. Thereafter mostly used in the grain trade from Australia to Europe till World War II. After she had discharged her cargo of wheat from Australia at Barry Docks, Captain Carl Granith received orders to proceed to Mariehamn her homeport.
  • 29.08.1939 sailed from Barry in ballast, with a total of 21 crew, some crewmembers had left the ship at Barry to be in time for the start of the Navigation School in Finland.
  • 08.09.1939 About 105 miles west by south from Bovbjerg, hit by a hidden mine and sunk. 7 men were save on board the Danish trawler TALONA from Esbjerg under command of Capt. Soren Hansen, the vessel steamed to Esbjerg
  • 11.09.1939 Landed the men at that port. The consulate of Finland informed the authorities in Finland; thereafter their voyage home was arranged.