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Unofficial flag of the OUN-B (lacking the state trident emblem which was a part of the flag)
Emblem of the OUN-B
English: The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) with leader Stepan Bandera appeared after a split in August 1940 in the OUN between the «old guard» led by Andriy Melnyk and the radical wing, which consisted of the young Galicians led by Stepan Bandera. It became known as the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — Revolutionary, but for a short time in 1941-1943 called itself the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists — Samostiynykiv-Derzhavnykiv (OUN-SD). Altogether, acronyms OUN-R, OUN-SD and OUN-B were used, currently in Ukraine — OUN-R. In April 1941 in Kraków the OUN-R adopted its own heraldry: for an emblem, a white stylized cross with a golden trident in the center morphing into a sword's blade within a black equilateral triangle, which is placed in a red circle with a thin black border displaying three letters «OUN»; for a flag, a combination of colors red and black, at first, black at the top, but soon the order was reversed. The state trident of the Ukrainian People's Republic of 1918 was kept as an organizational symbol; the traditional OUN's combination of the trident with the sword was rejected[1].


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