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The Collegiate Gothic stone building at 178 Bennett Avenue between West 189th and 190th Streets, designed by Meyers, Murray & Phillip, was constructed in 1928 and was intended to be the Parish House and Parsonage for a much larger complex including a church and a hospital, which was never constructed due to the stock marker crash of 1929. Our Saviour's Atonement Church – which had been formed from the merger of two missionary offshoots of St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church, the Evangelical Church of Atonement (founded 1896) and the Church of Our Saviour (founded 1898) – therefore converted the Reception Hall into a sanctuary and the stage into the chancel. In the 1970s, with membership falling, and being unable to keep up the building, it was sold to the synod for $10 and was converted into the Cornerstone Center, which provided arts and social services to the neighborhood. By 1986 the congregation was able to buy back the building from the synod (for the same $10 they have sold it for). For some time, the building was also used by Beth Am, the People's Temple, which moved in 2002 to the nearby Hebrew Tabernacle. (Sources: From Abyssinian to Zion (2004), Church website and Hebrew Tabernacle website)

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