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Paiban (Chinese: 拍板, pinyin: pāibǎn) is a clapper made from several flat pieces of hardwood or bamboo, which is used in many different forms of Chinese music.

There are many different types of paiban, and the instrument is also referred to as bǎn (板), tánbǎn (檀板, literally "sandalwood clapper"), mùbǎn (木板, literally "wooden clapper"), or shūbǎn (书板). Typical materials used for the paiban include zitan (紫檀, rosewood or red sandalwood), hongmu (红木), or hualimu (花梨木, rosewood), or bamboo, with the slats tied together loosely on one end with cord. It is held vertically by one hand and clapped together, producing a sharp clacking sound.

Paiban (es); 拍板 (ja); paiban (sv); 拍板 (zh-hant); 拍板 (lzh); paiban (fi); paiban (en); 拍板 (zh); 拍板 (zh-hans); 拍板 (zh-hk) Clapper used in Chinese music (en); kiinalainen kalistin (fi) 竹板, 快板 (zh); ban (fi)
Clapper used in Chinese music
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