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Today Rita Greer is a history artist. In the past Rita has been a goldsmith, graphic designer, food scientist and author/writer.

Since her scholarship to the Royal College of Art, London in the 1960s, Rita has published two books on art/crafts and lettering, 23 books on nutrition/health/special cookery for people with special needs and three books as co-author.

From the 1970s Rita has been lecturing and broadcasting on both radio and TV. She has held major mixed exhibitions of jewelery, gold-smithing and enamels in London and Oxford, and solo exhibitions on miniatures.

In addition, Rita invented the Trufree brand and formulas (for exclusion diet flours), which she sold to a multinational company.

Rita's Robert Hooke Project[edit]

On retirement in 2003 Rita began the Robert Hooke project, "to put him back into history" - give him images, raise his profile and obtain memorials for him in the City of London (St. Paul's Cathedral and Monument Square) and painted memorials elsewhere e.g. Gresham College, Open University, University of Oxford, Willen Church.

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