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中國古動物館 (zh-hk); Museum Paleozoologi Tiongkok (id); Палеозоологічний музей Китаю (uk); 中國古動物館 (zh-hant); Chinesisches Paläozoologisches Museum (de); 中国古动物馆 (zh); Paleozoological Museum of China (en); 中国古动物馆 (zh-hans); Čínské paleozoologické muzeum (cs); 中国古動物館 (ja) museum di Republik Rakyat Tiongkok (id); מוזיאון ברפובליקה העממית של סין (he); Museum in der Volksrepublik China (de); Museu na China (pt); museum (en); متحف في الصين (ar); muzeum v Pekingu (cs); museum in Volksrepubliek China (nl) 中國古動物館, 中國古動物博物館 (zh)
Chinesisches Paläozoologisches Museum 
Museum in der Volksrepublik China
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Ort Volksrepublik China
Gründung, Erstellung bzw. Entstehung oder Erbauung
  • 1929
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39° 56′ 10,5″ N, 116° 19′ 40,01″ O
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The Paleozoological Museum of China is located at 142 Xizhimenwai Dajie in Beijing, and is affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The main building consists of three floors, with the first floor devoted primarily to fishes and amphibians, with reptiles and birds represented on the second floor, and mammals (including examples of megafauna like Stegodon) on the third floor. Many of the fossil specimens on display are of extinct animals examples of which have only been found within the boundaries of modern-day China, such as Sinokannemeyeria. It also has several examples of the evolutionary precursors to birds, including specimens of Confuciusornis and Microraptor. An adjoining gallery to the main floor looks at the origins of man, including information on Peking Man (an example of Homo erectus), discovered in nearby Zhoukoudian (Choukoutien) during excavations in 1923-27. It also contains a number of stone tools used by paleolithic peoples, and examples of other, later fossil skulls from early homonids who once inhabited the area.


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